We will always have something to improve.
Something to believe in.

Gomilio is among the most simple and powerful systems to create and manage professional websites.
Born in 2009, it boasts hundreds of thousands of activations and is gathering fans and collaborators around the world thanks to the localization in 5 languages and servers located in different continents

The philosophy

Mysql, the stability.

Constantly evolving, the best RDBMS in the world. We entrust to him the storage of your data

Python, the versatility.

One of the fastest scripting languages. Along with Linux is the perfect match for speed and versatility!

Zend Framework, the control.

A project like Gomilio had to have a perfect management. With Zend Framework (PHP) check the code is a real pleasure.

Amazon AWS, the safety.

We thought about the future. We thought of Amazon Web Services. The provider worldwide for scalability and security.